Our carriages.

All our carriages are available in Greater London and most of the Home Counties. Our services extend to Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, and Essex.

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Landau Wedding Carriages

Landau's are the most popular wedding carriages we have. These carriages are Coachman driven in the traditional manner.

Landau Coachman Driven Traditional

Landau Coachman Driven

Available in either Cream & BLack, or Royal Blue & Black. Both have twin hoods that can be open, or closed against the weather.

Landau Coachman Driven - Glass Fronted Glass

Landau Coachman Driven - Glass Fronted

Glass fronted Landau Black & Cream. With this carriage the Bride is very visible even with the rear hood up. Landau's seat 4 people comfortably.

Postillion Wedding Carriages

A Postillion or Post boy drives the following three carriages. This is when one of the horses is ridden. It affords the passengers a fantastic view of the horses, and is the chosen method of Royalty.

We are the only company in the country to offer Postillion.

Post Chaise Post
Post Chaise

Post - Chaise is the carriage which was used by the Gentry from about 1780 as a fast means of travel. A very comfortable carriage with seating for two people, it allows full visibility through windows in front, and on both sides.

This is the only carriage of this type in the country.

Postillion Landau Postillion
Postillion Landau

Postillion Landau, which is Dark Blue & Black. As with all Landau's it has a front and rear hood, which can be either up, or down depending on the weather.

Scarborough Jockey Scarborough Jockey Scarborough Jockey

The Scarborough Jockey is another unusal and postillion driven carriage. This carriage was fashionable in the 1800's, to take Victorian courting couples in and around Scarborough, and along the Promenade and beach. Professional jockeys for extra incoming rode thse horses offering total privacy to the passengers.

Again this is the only one of this type of carriage remaining in use.

Body Break

The Body Break is an open carriage, which is ideal for taking the Groom and ushers or wedding party. It can carry up to 8 passengres.

Body Break Body
Body Break


The Omnibus is a good wedding party carriage, seating 7 passengers.

Omnibus Omnibus Omnibus

Specialist Carriages:

Park Drag

Landau Coachman Driven Park Drag Landau Coachman Driven

Stage Coach

Stage Coach in Cream & Black comes complete with gold leaf lettering. The Stamford 'Regent' travelled daily from London to Stamford 1821 - 1836. We have a full documented history on this coach, a copy of which is given to all who ride on it. Seats four inside and 9 on top.

Only available with four horses.

Landau Coachman Driven The
Stamford 'Regent'
Landau Coachman Driven